Garden bio fertilizer 800GR



Organic garden fertilizer for organic farming, which favors the production and an abundant and prolonged flowering

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Fertilizer for organic farming. Abundant and long lasting flowering

The special fertilizer for vegetable gardens  is a completef formula for the cultivation of vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, lettuces, spinachs, melons, potatos ...)
-the organic nitrogen from olive pulp and flour power  ensures a gradual feeding of the plants,  avoiding the risk of burns, and providing  continuous and balanced growth.
-phosphorus promotes encourage flowering and fruits, and a established root system
-potassium increases resistance agains disease agents and adverse climatic conditions , promoting fruit quality and production.
- magnesium will increase blooming and will keep the green on the leaves.
Period of use:
February to october, or during the vegetative activity period
5-4-8 + mgo, 5% n n total organic, 4% p2 o5, k2o 8%, 2.5% mgo soluble in water, organic c 24.4%.