Naturen Lawn Fertilizer 2,5Kg.


Special fertilizer for greening lawns. Allowed in organic farming.

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Fertilizer that greens the lawn in 7 days, long lasting product.

Enriched in magnesium for a greener and more nourished lawn for 100 days.

Easy to spread, for a homogeneous greening and growth of the lawn.

Gentle and progressive fertilization, limiting the risk of root burn and soil leaching.

Ideally used from March to July and from September to October.

In maintenance apply 35 to 50 g/m2. In sowing apply 25 g/m2

Spread the fertilizer by hand or with the help of a Scotts spreader.

Cross the passes for an optimal distribution.

Water after application for a quick greening effect. Do not mow before 2 or 3 days


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