6 plants that bloom all year round

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Author: Adrián Medina Alarcón

Most plants flower in spring or during summer.

Others do it during the fall.

Even some, the most resistant to the cold, choose winter as their time of year to display their flowers.

But did you know that there are also some plants that bloom all year round?

Or at least, they are capable of maintaining their flowers for most of the year, as long as we offer them adequate care.

And the objective of this post is to introduce you to these plants.


Well, let's go there!

These are some of the 6 best plants that bloom all year (or almost)

1. Sunpatiens (Joy)

Sunpatiens is a herbaceous plant that loves light.

This plant needs to be exposed to direct light to grow in all its glory. Otherwise, it is a species that requires very little care, and in fact prefers to receive little watering. In addition, it has developed great resistance to pests and diseases.

Its flowers can sprout in different colors, among which red and purple stand out.

If you live in an area with warm winters, you can keep it blooming during all months of the year.

2. Verbena (verbena)

Verbena is another very rustic plant that blooms all year round.

Although its maximum flowering period is between spring and summer, in the autumn and winter months we can also ensure that it continues producing flowers.

As with Sunpatiens, when watering it it is best not to overdo it.

3. Pentas lanceolata (Penta)

The flowers of this shrub can develop in white, purple, red or pink colors.

Flowering occurs in the form of dense bouquets, which makes it often used as an ornamental shrub.

It is a very easy plant to care for. The most important thing is that you water it regularly and that the soil has good drainage to avoid water accumulation in the roots.

4. Saintpaulia (African Violet)

The African violet requires many hours of light per day.

As it is an indoor plant, the ideal is that you have it in a very bright room, preferably near a window.

In summer it will need a moderate watering frequency (up to 3 times a week). It is advisable to water it by capillarity: that is, by submerging the pot in a basin of water so that the plant absorbs it through the roots.

If you take care of it properly, you can enjoy its violet, white or blue flowers all year round.

5. Bignonia (Begonia)

The begonia loves high temperatures and direct light.

It is a very rustic plant, which adapts to soils of almost any condition, as long as the drainage is adequate. However, to get it to flower it is important to fertilize it regularly and give it enough nutrients.

Depending on the variety, you can find some that maintain flowering throughout the entire year or almost all year round.

6. Cyclamen (Cyclamen)

Within this family of plants, the best known is the winter cyclamen, which blooms during the cold months.

However, other varieties can maintain their flowering throughout the year.

It is a plant that enjoys light, but as long as it receives it indirectly. Regarding irrigation, excess water can damage it.

Did you know that all these plants bloom all year round?

We hope you found this post useful and gave you some ideas for choosing which plants to grow.

If you have any questions, you already know that you just have to contact us.

We will be happy to help you have healthy and happy plants.