Plants with flowers for the summer sun

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Summer is coming and you only have one thing on your mind.

You spend the day waiting for the evening to fall and lie on the deck chair to enjoy the spectacle of colours that have been formed in your garden.

Summer is coming and you only have one thing on your mind.

You spend the day waiting for the evening to fall and lie on the deck chair to enjoy the spectacle of colours that have been formed in your garden.

And with a good reason.

Summer is the season of year when some of our plants show their flowers and display their maximum splendour.

But what happens when (as happens to us) you live in a very hot area where the sun usually falls strongly?

Then it is very important that you choose the right varieties for your garden.

But don't worry, because we can give you a hand with that.

In this post, we have brought you 11 of the best summer-blooming plants that you can have in full sun. In addition, we also offer you some tips to highlight its colours.

Just wait to see the garden so spectacular that you have left.

11 plants that bloom in summer and have spectacular flowers

These are some summer flowers that you can plant in your garden.

1. Pentas lanceolata (Pentas)

pentas lanceolata

A short, lively species widely used in hot climates.

Its flowers are born in compact groups, ideal to form flower beds of multiple colours, among which white, pink, and red predominate.

It needs enough water and a good amount of light to flower.

This plant is all summer producing new flowers. It is important that you prune them as they wilt.

2. Gazania. African lily.


A very good option if you want to enjoy a colourful garden but have little time to take care of it.

The Gazania flower is born in spring and lasts all summer, with colourful petals reminiscent of those of the daisy.

The petals close at night and unfold during the day. If you get up very early it is likely that you will still find the buds opening, which is when their aroma is best appreciated.

It is very common to plant several gazanias of different shades to form a multicoloured flower bed.

3. Pelargonium Zonale (Geranium)


Another vivacious one that will accompany you all year round, but during spring and summer is when it displays its true beauty.

Its delicate flowers are a classic on balconies and terraces.

Remember to give it at least six hours of light daily so that it grows with more force, in addition to keeping the substrate moist.

4. Russelia equisetiformis (Ruselia)


A plant native to Mexico that has become very fashionable in Mediterranean gardens because it is a rustic plant that supports salinity well.

Its main attraction is its delicate-looking stems, which are covered with pretty tubular flowers between spring and summer. The aroma they give off attracts garden-friendly insects such as butterflies and bees.

For the greatest usefulness, you shall plant them as a mid-height hedge or as a hanging plant in a basket.

It is also a plant resistant to the sun and low maintenance.

5. Petunia Hybrida (Petunia)


A plant that requires very little maintenance and that withstands the sun well.

Its main attraction lies in the bell-shaped flowers that come in various colors (which gives you a lot of play to create your beds).

In hot climates, it can remain in bloom for most of the year.

6. Sunpatiens Walleriana (Sunpatiens)

sun patiens

A perennial plant with beautiful flowers that cover almost all existing shades. In addition, it is very common to find them with a bi color blooming.

It is a herbaceous species that is often used to form borders.

Outdoors it can be semi-shaded but needs to receive about four to five hours of daily lighting.

7. Lavender dentata (Green Lavender)

lavanda angustifolia

Lavender is one of those species that cannot be missing in any Mediterranean garden.

It is a very rustic species adapted to drought. You need to receive many hours of direct sunlight and maintain a certain distance from the closest plants.

Why do we choose the green one and not its purple variety (the best known)?

Because this variety withstands the intense heat of the coast much better and blooms with more intensity, although you must control the risk well and prevent it from drying out.

8. Surfinia


If you like petunias and hanging plants, here is the perfect mix.

It has a dense and very showy flowering, perfect to put in a basket and decorate any corner.

9. Hibiscus rosa sinensis

hibiscus rosa sinensis

A very particular summer plant.

The striking flowers of this shrub (which are born in warm tones like the ones seen in the image) only remain open for one day, but in return they sprout continuously throughout the warm season.

You can sow it both in pots or directly in the ground, as a single specimen, in groups or to make very colourful hedges.

10. Tagetes (Tagete)


Another of those plants that bloom in summer with spectacular flowers.

The marigold displays yellow, red, or orange petals similar to large pompoms, which give off a pleasant aroma in the evening.

It is a plant that grows little, so you can use them to form colourful flower beds.

11. Verdolaga-portulaca oleracea.


A plant that loves the sun, and which when planted in soil forms beautiful flower beds.

It is also a species that requires low watering and maintenance, so it is perfect if you do not have much time to take care of the garden during this time.

They display flowers of different colours such as yellow, orange or pink.

Works great as a ground cover plant.

Ready to have a garden full of flowers this summer?

In this post, you have some of the best plants for a summer garden.

Now it's up to you to choose the ones you like the most and create a garden to your liking.

And if you need help to design your garden, you already know that you can contact us and leave it in our hands.

We will take care of choosing the best flowers so that you have a spectacular garden in any season of the year.


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