Scaevola aemula. C13

Scaevola Aemula plant of great flowering for spring and summer with flowers in the form of fan color Purple or wh
ite. It is hanging floor and upholstery.
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Scaevola aemula is  an evergreen plant on the goodenaceae family, although is a tough plant it is very frequently to be used as an annual plant as it is not frost resistant.
Scaevola aemula grows  quite fast, and tend to grow up and later, to fall down, with a very showy flowering in purple or white, also in soft pink.
It grows well in coastal areas with hot and dry summers.
We can trim the plant when it becomes damaged.
Fairy fan flowers is easy to cultivate, but even so, we can use a fertiliser to enhance its new bloom and make it to last longer.
Scaevola is not prone to diseases or pests. 

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:


Data sheet

Scaevola Aemule. Escaveola
Zonas de las Areas of the southeast coasts of Australia.costas del sureste de Autralia.
Up to 60 cm high and 90 cm wide.
Green sheets and bluish or mauve flowers with a small yellow center, also of white flower.
From spring until the arrival of the cold temperatures.
Sun or partial shade.
Moderated irrigation. Drought tolerant, but thrives much better with regular water.
As a hanging plant
Sales format
Pot 15cms
No tolerant to frost or low temperatures.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, it plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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