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The Calceolaria is a plant of interior or exterior but without exposure to direct sunlight. It is very striking because of the color of their flowers and the form of these.

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Calceolaria is an annual herbaceous evergreen, which belongs to the familyof plantaginaceae.

It attracts a lot of attention because of the shape of its flowers, in a globose form, and the striking color of its flowers in orange and yellow.

It is an indoor plant, it should not be exposed directly to the sun. You can also have it in the garden as long as it does not have direct sun.

A mixture of peat and sand is a good one for it to thrive.

Regular irrigation, when the substrate starts to become dry, but do not waterlog, since the roots suffer very much and fungi may appears or the plant may die.

Use fertilizer during  spring- summer with a fertilizer for flowers plants.

It is important to remove withered and dry leaves so that no mold appears.

Regarding pests Calceolaria can be affected by aphids, which can be remove applying a suitable insecticide  for it.

It can be reproduced from seeds sown at the end of spring, although it is not easy.

Sources consulted, in addition to our experience with this plant:

Name Calceolaria
Origen Sudamérica
Height 20cm
Color Naranja y amarillo
Flowering Verano
Location Semisombra o interior
Irrigation Frecuente, pero sin encharcar
Applications Macetas en interior
Others No soporta bien el frío ni los rayos directos del sol

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