Renovation fuerza fertilizer 25kg


The smartest and most sustainable way to fertilize your plants and lawns. Complex, complete and technological fertilizersrma más inteligente y sostenible de fertilizar tus plantas y céspedes. Fertilizante complejo, completo y tecnológico.

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Renovation Fue

Fuerza Renovation is a complex fertilizer (for use as a basic fertilizer  of technological precision that is characterized by the simultaneous contribution in each grain of all the substances necessary for the proper plant nutrition.


  • Formulated with Fs technology with triple effect :

Nurture the crop

Stimulates and provides energy in the different metabolic processes

Correction of the  the floor


  • Provides selected and activated humic extracts (patent) that enhance crop development at root and foliar level by generating growth promoters (ABA, AIA, AUXINAS, etc.)
  • Characterized Free Amino Acids (patent) to provide:


Contributing to improve the solubilation of phosphorus in the soil.

  • Homogeneous and precision granulometry (minigranulated), which increases the concentration in the soil solution and optimizing the applied doses.
  • Increased availability of mineral nutrients (protected by technology thus reducing losses)


  • Maximum environmental review:
    • For its ACTIBION technology: stimulates root and therefore both improves nutrient uptake and root development.
    • Because of its AMINOVIT technology, integral energy activator, stimulates the plant and the microbian flora.
    • For its DURAMON technology, which controls nitrogen, adapting to the needs of the crop and environmental conditions.
    • For its MEP technology: it provides protected and available essencial microelements.
    • For its PROLIFE technology it provides edafibic microelements, enhancing microbial flora and vegetative activity.
    • For its PROTECT technology, it protects the applied phosphorus avoiding retrogradation.


  • Formulated poor in chlorine.



For lawns and all kinds of plants.


February to March : 2 Applications

April to May: 1 Application

September to October : 2 applications.