Bellis perennis, Maya o Bellorita


Bellis perennis, also known as meadow daisy. It is a winter plant, biannual.

It is a very decorative plant.

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Viveros González - Bellis perennis, Maya or Bellorita: A Perennial Charm


Bellis perennis, known as Maya or Bellorita, is a charming herbaceous plant belonging to the asteraceae family, originating from Europe. It stands out for its size, typically reaching about 20 centimeters in height, bringing a delicate and enchanting touch to any green space.

Origin and History:

Native to Europe, Bellis perennis has been admired for centuries for its natural grace and resilience. Its presence in European gardens has been constant, enjoying sustained popularity due to its easy cultivation and ability to bloom in various seasons.


This plant isn’t demanding regarding soil and is often planted in universal substrate. However, it can be susceptible to pests like whiteflies, leaf miners, and caterpillars, so it's advisable to remain vigilant and take preventive measures if necessary.

Pruning and Watering:

Bellis perennis thrives in semi-shaded areas, allowing for flowering that can extend throughout the four seasons. Regular pruning after flowering will help maintain its shape and encourage continuous flower production. Concerning watering, it’s important to provide regular but not excessive water, as too much moisture can be detrimental to this plant.

Enjoy the Perennial Beauty of Bellis perennis at Viveros González:

At Viveros González, we offer the charming Bellis perennis, Maya or Bellorita, a plant that will add a touch of perennial charm to your garden. With its resilience and ability to bloom across seasons, this plant will surely delight your green space. Seize this opportunity to acquire a plant of lasting beauty at Viveros González and enrich your garden with the fascination of Bellis perennis!


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