Basil.Ocimum basilicum. Purple

5379 - C11
Basil, one of the delights more well-known and used. Its aroma and flavor enhance any dish. Easy to grow, provided that do not coldconocida y apreciada en todo el mundo.
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Basil, cherished for its culinary and cultural significance, is an annual plant belonging to the diverse Lamiaceae family. It traces its roots to ancient India, where it was revered as a sacred herb, and its cultivation spread through Asia and Africa before becoming deeply ingrained in Mediterranean cuisine during the Middle Ages.

Botanical Description: This plant boasts vibrant, glossy green leaves that are tender to the touch and are renowned for their unique aromatic profile, capable of elevating the flavors in any dish. The leaves are oval-shaped with serrated edges, and during summer, basil produces delicate white or purple flowers that are not only visually appealing but also edible.

Essential Care - Watering and Nutrition: A sun-lover at heart, basil thrives with ample exposure to daylight, yet it is crucial to shield it from the cold. For maintenance, position it in a sunny spot and provide consistent watering, avoiding waterlogged soil. Employing a layer of pebbles at the base of the pot can help maintain an even level of humidity.

To encourage lush growth, regularly pinch off the tips of the stems. Applying a fertilizer specifically designed for culinary herbs will promote robustness and enhance the flavor.

Climate Adaptability: With an innate cold aversion, it is vital to protect basil from chilly temperatures that can cause harm. Favored by warm climates, basil blossoms in the embrace of the sun's warmth.

Protection Against Pests: Prone to pests such as tiny green caterpillars that blend in with the leaves and create holes, it's important to inspect the plant frequently and remove these pests manually if spotted. Natural or biological insecticides can provide effective defense against these critters.

After the plant has flowered, it's advisable to begin a new cycle with seeds to continue enjoying its freshness.

By cultivating basil in your culinary garden, you're not only infusing your dishes with a distinctively Mediterranean zest but also engaging in the rewarding practice of nurturing and harvesting this esteemed herb.

5379 - C11

Data sheet

Basil. Basilicum. Ocimum basilicum.
Tropical areas of Asia, and from Pakistan, Iran and India.
When it is cultivated the height is around 30cms, but in its natural habitat it can grow much more.
On the market green and purple leaves colour can be found.
Basil is cultivated as a seasonal plant. When the flower start to sprount cut it back to provoke new leaves coming.
Partial shade or some hours of sun during the day.
It needs enough water, but do not overwater, just when the soil is dried.
For cooking. Also is widely used for keeping moskitos away due to its intense scent.
Sales format
Pot of 11cms diameter.
It does not thrive with low temperatures.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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