[The Garden in January] What tasks to perform during this season to keep your plants healthy - 2024

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Author: Adrián Medina Alarcón

January, known as one of the coldest months of the year, signals a period of dormancy for most plant species. While plants reduce activity to protect themselves from the cold and frost, it's crucial not to neglect them entirely. Despite limited gardening tasks in January, ensuring plants are protected from the harsh weather is essential.

Discover the best practices for caring for your garden in January by reading this article carefully. We detail all the necessary tasks to keep your green space in optimal condition. So, grab your gloves and tools – let's get started!

Essential Garden Tasks in January - 2024:

1. Watering:
In this cold month, watering is not a top priority as most plants require less water. However, some, like bare-root roses, deciduous trees, and spring-blooming bulbs, may need moderate watering. Avoid waterlogging the soil and irrigate at noon to prevent frost, especially in rainy areas.

2. Pruning:
January is the right time for pruning hedges, shrubs, and deciduous trees before the first buds appear. For old or tangled shrubs, rejuvenation pruning can be beneficial. Ensure thorough watering and fertilization for a swift recovery. Pruning climbers like jasmine, plumbagos, podranea ricasoliana, bignonia jasminoides, honeysuckles, and bougainvilleas is also appropriate.

3. Application of Pesticides:
Despite the cold, it's essential to prepare for spring and summer, prime seasons for pests. Consider treatments with mineral oils in January to mitigate the risk of fungi.

4. Lawn Maintenance:
Reduce lawn watering in January, especially in frost-prone areas. Tasks such as raking to prevent leaf accumulation and mowing with a cut height between 4 and 5 centimeters protect the roots from the cold.

5. Preparing the Soil for Spring:
Aerating and turning the soil, weeding, and preparing the soil for amendments are key tasks in January. These processes enhance the absorption of organic nutrients and prevent fungal issues.

Additional Maintenance Tasks - 2024:

A. Pool Care:
Despite the cold, it's crucial to keep the pool clean and apply winter chlorine to preserve it properly.

B. Non-Vegetative Element Repair:
Dedicate time to clean and, if necessary, paint pergolas, furniture, and fountains. It's also the ideal time for minor maintenance in flower beds, rockeries, and walls.

Best Plants to Sow in January:

1. For Flowers:
- Viburnum tinus
- Pansies
- Primula obconica and primula acaulis
- Cyclamen
- Ranunculus
- Senecio cruentus
- Almond trees
- Camellias sansaqua and camellia kanjiro

2. For Berries or Fruits:
- Citrus trees
- Pyracanthas
- Melia Azedarach
- Cotoneaster
- Nandina
- Strawberries

Remember, caring for your garden in January involves not only tending to plants but also addressing elements like the pool and non-vegetative structures. Following these guidelines, your garden will be ready to welcome spring with vitality and color. Get to work, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance!