"What care does the Daisy Marguerite need? We explain it all in this stepb y step guide

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Author: Adrián Medina Alarcón

Today we have a very special guest on the blog…

And it's because the protagonist of this post comes from far south; specifically, from the warm region of South Africa.

This is a very showy flower that has gained popularity in recent years, not only for its dazzling beauty, but also for its ability to thrive in various conditions. 

Indeed, it is a very resistant plant (although that doesn't mean we shouldn't pamper it a bit).

Ready to learn all about the care the Cape Marguerite needs?

Well, let's go for it!

How to take care of your Cape Marguerite

Margarita del cabo. Cuidados. Riego, luz y agua

1. Location: place it where it receives plenty of light

As it comes from South Africa, it's easy to conclude that this plant needs a good dose of sunlight. 

The Cape Marguerite loves light. Place it where it receives several hours of sunlight per day. This will promote its flowering and contribute to its overall development.

This plant enjoys being outdoors, but if you prefer to keep it indoors, you can do that too (especially if you live in a cold climate).

In this case, you'll need to place it near a window to ensure it gets its daily dose of sun.

2. Drainage is crucial

The African Daisy is accustomed to drought and can tolerate a lack of water relatively easily (although you know that providing the necessary irrigation will make it flourish more).

What it dislikes the most is excess water.

Therefore, the substrate where you plant it must have good drainage to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

3. Watering it, yes, but in moderation

This is directly related to the previous point.

As we mentioned, the Cape Marguerite is a plant that withstands drought very well. And although that doesn't mean we can forget about it, it's essential to moderate watering.

During spring and summer, you can water it, making sure the substrate remains consistently moist but not waterlogged.

This way, it will always have the necessary water to bloom in all its splendor.

4. A touch of fertilizer will help it grow

During winter, the daisy does not need fertilization.

However, during spring and summer (when it flaunts its petals) it's interesting to provide it with flowering plant fertilizer.

But, moderation is key!

Excessive fertilizer could cause the leaves to develop excessively, stealing the plant's energy needed to produce its flowers.

5. Prune it occasionally (occasional trimming)

The daisy does not require very regular pruning.

It will be enough to remove the fading flowers during the flowering phase. 

In late winter or early spring, perform light pruning to shape it and eliminate any dead or damaged growth.

6. Protect it from the cold (it doesn't like it at all!)

As is often the case with plants from warm climates, the Cape Marguerite does not like the cold too much.

Be careful! It can tolerate it (and withstand quite low temperatures), but it's best to avoid exposing it if possible.

7. Pest and disease prevention

Monitoring diseases is essential to keep your daisies healthy. 

Make sure to provide the appropriate watering and avoid waterlogging to reduce the risk of fungal diseases. It is also sensitive to attacks from mites and aphids.

If you notice signs of disease or pests, such as spots on the leaves or abnormal growth, treat it with a suitable pesticide.

You now know all the care your Cape Marguerite needs

The Cape Marguerite is a beautiful plant and a great addition to any home.

It is very resistant, requires little water, and adapts to both indoor and outdoor living. By following these basic care tips, you can enjoy its colorful flowering and ensure it grows healthy. 

Anyway, you know that if you have any doubts, you can contact us for advice.

We'll be happy to help you keep your plants healthy and happy.