Very resilient grass types: 9 alternatives to have a green meadow with little maintenance

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Author: Adrián Medina Alarcón

"I would love to have grass in my house, but it requires a lot of work and I don't have time. Besides, I'm sure it needs a lot of watering".

This is something many customers tell us.

Customers who would like to have a green lawn but can't give it the necessary maintenance.

Or who are afraid of not being able to maintain it during drought periods (when it's very common to restrict watering in gardens).

That's why at Viveros González we have included in our catalog new types of very resilient grass.

types that not only need less attention, but are also capable of adapting to different climatic conditions and resisting diseases at different levels.

Ready to meet them?

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9 very resilient grass types

1. Tifway Bermuda

Tifway Bermuda is known for its excellent resistance to traffic and its ability to quickly recover from damage.

Its dense structure and dark green color make it a popular choice for sports fields and gardens with high activity levels.

Moreover, it requires little water and is resilient to diseases, making it ideal for warm climates. That's why it's increasingly common to see it in gardens in the Mediterranean area.


Keep in mind that it doesn't tolerate cold or shade very well, so make sure it receives many hours of sunlight and is not exposed to heavy frost.

2. Tahoma Bermuda

Another type of Bermuda that stands out for its resistance and low maintenance is Tahoma.

This type tolerates drought and heat well, and is capable of maintaining its vibrant green color even in adverse conditions. Additionally, unlike its "cousin" tifway, Tahoma Bermuda has a high cold tolerance.

Its dense growth and regenerative capacity make it an ideal option for gardens with very frequent traffic.

3. Reseeded Bermuda

Reseeded Bermuda is a hybrid type that shows astonishing resistance to diseases. It also adapts very well to shady areas, as well as to warm climates.

In return, its maintenance needs and water demand are much higher than those of other Bermuda types.

4. Rodeo Grass

Rodeo Grass is a true all-rounder.

It tolerates drought, heat, and shade, and moreover, it has extremely high resistance to pests and diseases. It's a type that withstands traffic very well and requires very little maintenance.

The best part is that in warm climates like the Mediterranean, it stays green all year round, so it's an excellent option for having a consistently beautiful lawn with minimal effort.

5. Catalan Grass

Catalan Grass is known for its exceptional wear resistance and its ability to stay green all year round.

This type is especially popular in coastal areas due to its tolerance to salinity and its ability to grow in poor soils. It requires little watering and fertilization, making it an ideal option for low-maintenance gardens.

6. African Grass

African Grass is a tough type that tolerates heat and drought well. Its fast growth and ability to regenerate quickly make it a popular choice for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, its low water requirement makes it ideal for regions with irregular rainfall.

7. Fescue

Fescue is a popular option in colder and transitional climates. It has a great ability to grow in shady conditions.

This type forms a dense, fine-textured lawn that requires little maintenance and is resilient to diseases. It's ideal for those looking for a lush green lawn.

8. Paspalum Vaginatum

Paspalum Vaginatum is a tough grass type that tolerates heat and salinity well.

This type requires little watering once established and is capable of recovering quickly from damage. That's why it's a great option to install in a high-traffic garden.

In fact, it's a type widely used in sports fields.

9. Zoysia Tenuifolia

Zoysia Tenuifolia is an Asian grass type that forms a dense green carpet as it grows. It's especially suitable for shaded areas and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

This type requires little maintenance and is capable of maintaining its green color throughout the year.

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