How to decorate your garden for Christmas: 5 ideas (with examples)

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Looking for ideas to decor your garden for Christmas? Here we give you some

Dreams. Wishes. Family dinners. Gifts.

Christmas is a time of year with many meanings. 

If you are a lover of these holidays, surely you already have your whole home decorated and prepared to receive Father Christmas. But who says that the Christmas spirit has to stay enclosed within walls?

The garden can also be another space to decorate for these parties.

Do you want to know how?

Keep reading, because in this post we are going to give you several ideas.

The 6 keys to decorating the Christmas garden

In this list, we have included several points that seem key to giving a Christmas touch to your garden.

But beware: they are only indications. 

What do we mean by that? Well, you don't have to follow them strictly.

Take the ideas from this list that you like the most, apply them in your garden or take them as a reference to give a more personal style to your Christmas decoration.

And above all, let your imagination fly and have fun.

Let's go there.

1. Play with the light

During the Christmas season, the days are shorter. Or, if we turn it upside down, your garden will go dark most of the day.

That is why we have to give it light.

If you have trees, a good idea is to wrap their branches with strips of LED lights, as in this image.

These strips give you a lot of play to experiment and decorate the trunks and branches to your liking.

You can even create hanging strips, like these:

And it's okay if your garden doesn't have a power outlet.

Many speciality lighting stores sell LED strips powered by solar panels.

Of course, you can also go to the classic: the candles.

Look how good the warm light of these lanterns is around the entrance of the house (important: for safety, it is necessary that you always place them in a container to prevent the wind from overturning them).

2. The king of the garden: a Christmas tree

could not be missing.

The Christmas tree should be in the centre of the composition. And of course, since we are putting it in the garden, make it a natural tree.

Of course, you can also put LED lights on the Christmas tree. 

If you plant it separately from the rest to give it more prominence, the result will be spectacular at night.

3. Don't forget the wreath

The typical Christmas wreath (or Advent wreath, as we know it here).

This decorative element gives a lot of play and will help you give your garden a more Christmas touch that reaches the door of your house.

The best? That you can do it yourself.

You only need a base, a cloth bag and a few pineapples to make a crown as colourful as the one in this video.

Once you have it, you can paint it with red and green tones, or even use gold paint.

As we said, here what counts is to throw imagination.

4. Hanging pots go with everything

It doesn't matter if you have a huge garden or a small terrace. Hanging pots allow you to take advantage of any space and give a special touch to the composition.

The most classic would be to use a poinsettia, because its red leaves combine perfectly with Christmas decorations.

If you want to opt for something more original, a good option is a mistletoe.

5. Make the most of the rest of the plants

We now go on to see some more general ideas.

How you decorate your garden will largely depend on the type of plants you have.

For example, something that you surely have is flowerpots. What if you could turn them into animated characters, like this cute Father Christmas?

And if you have bushes, you can decorate them in this original way.

6. The icing on your Christmas decorations: handmade decorations

The last step: create your own decorations with recycled materials to give it a personal touch. With some of these, you can also involve the little ones.

For example:

If you have wooden stakes, you can paint them as snowmen.

Or you can make lollipops with plastic plates like these:

And if you have a few wooden boxes, you can always dare to make a train as spectacular as this one.

Note: If you do not have time to do crafts, you can see the ones we have in our store.

Ready to decorate your garden for Christmas?

Now is your turn.

Put the ideas that we have given you in this article into practice or use them to create your own decoration.

And give your garden a Christmas touch.


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