Strelitzia augusta .


Strelitzia Augusta, is a palm-shaped plant for its large green leaves, and very striking both for its size and its flower.

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Strelitzia Augusta (Strelitzia Alba): Exotic Beauty for Your Garden

Strelitzia Augusta, more commonly known as Strelitzia Alba, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Strelitziaceae family. This plant doesn't go unnoticed thanks to its striking resemblance to banana plants, with large leaves that can reach up to a meter in height, emerging directly from the trunk. However, what truly captivates is its eye-catching flowers, composed of a beautiful purple bract and white petals that can bloom several times a year, especially in spring.

Care that Enhances its Beauty

Strelitzia Augusta is drought-resistant once well-established. However, it's essential to note that, although it can withstand the wind, its appearance may deteriorate as its leaves can tear and appear broken. To maintain its impeccable appearance, it's advisable to place it in a sheltered location, away from drafts. Alternatively, it can thrive as an indoor plant, provided it receives ample light.

When the plant grows in pots or planters and reaches a considerable size, it's recommended to transplant it approximately every three years or restrict its growth by removing some leaves.

The Secret to its Cultivation: Rich Soil and Nutrients

When planting Strelitzia Augusta, make sure to provide it with nutrient-rich soil. A mixture of universal substrate and mulch is ideal, as it provides the necessary consistency and good drainage for the plant. You can fertilize it once a year by adding a layer of soil rich in organic matter in spring or autumn.

Fortunately, this exotic beauty doesn't require pruning, although it's essential to remove wilted leaves and those significantly damaged. Strelitzia Augusta rarely suffers from diseases, but keeping the plant clean and providing it with proper care will help prevent pest problems in your garden.

Remember not to overwater to avoid waterlogging and the emergence of fungi, allowing your Strelitzia Augusta to thrive in all its splendor and enhance the beauty of your green space. At Viveros González, we offer you the opportunity to incorporate this exotic gem into your garden. Add a touch of elegance and freshness with Strelitzia Augusta!


Data sheet

Strelitzia augusta
6-7 mtrs height
Green leaves, white flowers

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