Strelitzia reginae. Bird of paradise

Strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise, is a herbaceous plant cultivated as much as for garden plant as for cut flower due to the elegance of its leaves and the exotic of its flowers.
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The Strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise is a rhizomatous herbaceous plant
that belongs to the family of the strelitziaceae

Widely implanted in gardens with tropical designs as it is a striking plant, both for its leaves and for its exotics flowers.

Needs to be placed in the sun, either in flowerpots, bedding or in groups in the garden.

Frequent fertilizers, and irrigation in moderation so as not to flood the earth.

It is a plant for warm climates because with temperatures below -2 º C flowers and leaves will be spoiled, unless we protect it from the cold.

In cold areas we can place it indoors as long as we contribute to provide  plenty of of light.

Not demanding of many cares,  we can even use it near the sea and for windy areas.

Of slow growth it will not have flowers until it is well seated, which can take between two and five years.

Blooming will take place from Autumn to Spring.

Remove by cutting leaves and withered flowers to keep strelitzia attractive

Clean with the pressure hose regularly to avoid mealy bugs attacks, and be sure that an excess of water does not rot the roots.

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:

"El jardín Mediterráneo" de Hugo Latymer


Data sheet

Strelizia Reginae
1-1,5 m
Hojas verdes, flores naranjas y azules
Jardín, maceta
No soporta el frío

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