Wasp and Hornet Trap Masso


It works effectively to control Asian wasps, wasps and hornets.

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The Masso Garden wasp and hornet trap is a trap for outdoor use.
This trap does not attract bees or bumblebees. The insects enter the trap attracted by the scent of the attractant. When the insect persistently tries to leave the trap, it exhausts itself and falls into the liquid where it drowns.
It can be placed anywhere, terrace, garden, orchard, on a surface or hung up.
If you are placing the trap on a surface, it will be most effective if it is at least 1 metre above the ground.
If you prefer to hang the trap, make sure it is securely closed and protected from the wind. The trap will be most effective in a sunny area (south facing).
When changing the liquid, you can improve the attraction by leaving one of the wasps in the new liquid.
Open the trap preferably in the morning for safety, decreasing the chance of finding live wasps inside the trap. In any case, proceed with caution at all times, ensuring that there are no live insects inside.
Instructions for use:
Open the trap through the opening provided, snap shut.
Pour a single-dose sachet into the trap.
Add the required amount of water to slightly exceed the filling level.
Close the trap again and hang it out of the wind, if possible in partial sun or shade.
At high outside temperatures above 35°C, regularly check and top up the water level due to evaporation and hang in the shade.
Repeat the operation when the trap is saturated, or maximum after 10 - 15 days of exposure.
23.06% D-fructose, 8.30% apple juice concentrate, 28.83% vinegar 8º.
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