Iron chelate 500gr

Easy to apply granulated iron deficiency corrector.
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Iron chelate is a fertilizer NK to fight against  the ferric clorosis in several cultivat

ions. Its granules formulation allows the application straight on the soil without diluting. The penetration of the product into the soil down to the roots takes place through the rain or through the irrigation of the treated area. 

Dose and instructions for use:

Spread the granules overland on the dripping area of the tree or plant.  Mix slightly with the soil  and water.

- Indoor plants: Ficus, Yucca, Spathiphyllum, Calathea, Dracena...

For pots of 30cms add 0,5 spoonful

For pots of 50cms add 1 spoonful 

- Outdoor plants: Rhododendro, Rosebush, Ivy, Geranium, Magnolio, Hydrangea, Camellia, Hibiscus.....

From 1 to 2 spoonfuls for square meter.

- And for fruit trees from 1 to 4 spoons. 


To apply once per week, up to the recovery of the plant. Once recovered, apply every 3 weeks. In case of a bigger number of yellow leaves fall, or a bigger number of yellowish leaves, is recommended to carry the treatment through irrigation and  pulverize at the same time.


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