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Coniferous and Ornamental fertilizer favors resistance to cold and diseases of the plant

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Coniferous and Ornamental fertilizer contains a formula balanced in clear nutrients, favors the resistance of the plant to the eyes of women and other diseases.

Dosage and method of use:

- Tree and trees of small size: (Madroño, Camellia, Cercis, Laurel, Bamboo, Maple, Buxus, Cotoneaster, Evonymus, Avebo, Magnolia, Willow, Fruit, Citrus). It is applied at the beginning of spring at an approximate dose of 100-125 gr per meter of height of the plant and a second fertilizer at the end of summer this time the dose is 50 gr per meter of plant height. It should be distributed evenly under the surface shaded by the plant and should be learned a little and then water.

-Setos: (Thuja, Cypress, Arizonic, Buxus, Ligustrum, Piracantha, Ivy ..). It is applied at the beginning of spring, a dose of 30gr for each linear meter of the year, repeating this dose in the month of September. It is recommended to throw it on the ground as low as possible of the hedge and half a meter away, you must enter the shortly and then to an abundant watering.

-New plantings of trees and shrubs: Applied, mixed with soil or substrate, was incorporated into the bottom of the planting hole, the serious dose of 125 grams per plant. The mixture is covered with 5 cm of garden soil. Water abundantly.

-Large trees: Apply at the beginning of spring or fall, dig small holes, 30cm apart from each other, on a line that limits the crown of the tree. Apply a dose of 250 gr for every 3 cm of diameter of the trunk of the tree. The total amount of fertilizer can be divided as evenly as possible between all the holes in the soil and these are filled with sand and other substrate type.


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