Rooting 50 ml

Rooting of natural origin and for all types of plants.
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Rooting fertilizer by mixture of substances of natural origin.

The result is a product that provides a very intense and powerful stimulation of the formation of the roots warnings and of the germination.


Product destined to cultivate in housings or inhabited places, ornamental plants or of flower.
Cuttings of ornamental plants.
Transplant of cadre in horticultural.
You plant yas established with problems of development radicula

Dose and instructions for use:

To wet the cuttings in a solution to 50 % by means of immersion during a few seconds.

In the case that let's want to use the product like anti-strés of the transplant, to dilute the product with the irrigation water because of 10ml for 1 liter of water.


I pay with aminiácidos and microelements, stimulant substances. Amino acids, polysaccharides of natural origin and iron quelato of high availability.


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