Roses fertilizer 2 KG

Special for roses fertilizer, product of a formulation specially developed for the
fertilization of roses and all kinds of flower shrubs.
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It contributes to supply  all the necessary nourishing elements to obtain a balanced growth, development and flowering to roses and shrubs.

The balance between the differents macro and micronutrients encourage the resistance of the plant to low temperatures and the diseases.

Flowers with a major number of petals and without premature fall.

Reserves nutrients for the following sprouts.

It contains a great quantity of phosphorus and potassium which will favour the flowering and resistance of the plant.


Period of application:

  - ideal : april, may and june.

  - favorable: february, march, september, october, november.

Compositión:7 % nitrogen, 11 % potassium oxide, 10 % sulphuric anhydride.



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