Universal liquid fertiliser ONE 1L


Nutri One is a liquid fertiliser that will bring vigour and rapid growth to all types of ornamental plants, vegetable garden or fruit trees.

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Universal Liquid Fertilizer ONE 1L:

Nutri One is a liquid fertilizer designed to provide vigor and rapid growth to all types of ornamental plants, vegetables, or fruit trees. It is an excellent premium liquid fertilizer with organic plant extracts.

Nutri One Liquid, Premium Plant Fertilizer:

This effective natural fertilizer is easily applied with a watering can or sprayer. It delivers visible results in just 7 days, providing nutrition and rapid growth for your plants.

Features of Nutri One Liquid:

- Original premium fertilizer, a top seller online.

- Contains amino acids that accelerate plant growth and strengthen them.

- Excellent fertilizer for vegetable plants, gardens, and fruit trees.

- Results visible in just one week.

- Easy application.

Application and Dosage:

During spring and summer, apply once every 15 days. In fall and winter, apply once every 30 days. For the initial application, dilute 60 ml per every 3 liters of water. For subsequent applications, halve the dosage: 30 ml per every 3 liters.

Application Season:

March to August is the ideal period for application. However, it is also useful from September to February.


Organo-mineral liquid nutrition NPK 5.5-5-7.5 with organic plant extracts. It contains a variety of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic carbon, iron, manganese, and zinc.


1 liter (EAN 3664715014454)


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