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Fertilizer of long duration for the fertilization of the lawn
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The Lawn Fertilizer is meticulously designed to provide optimal nutrition and promote balanced development of the lawn. With a formula composed of 18-5-7 (2-35) mgo of slow-release, enriched with magnesium and sulfur, this fertilizer contains all the elements necessary to ensure healthy growth.

Its properties include 25% slow-release nitrogen, which stimulates vigorous and sustained growth for approximately five months, without the risk of burns even in full summer. Additionally, its high concentration of sulfur and magnesium ensures a vibrant green lawn from spring to the end of the season.

This fertilizer is ideal for revitalizing lawns exposed to extreme conditions of high temperature and drought. Additionally, it helps minimize nitrogen loss in the soil, thereby reducing the risk of groundwater contamination.

The recommended dosage is 30-35 grams per square meter of lawn, applied evenly over the surface to be fertilized. It can be distributed by hand or with a spreader, preferably in the evening in warm weather or in the morning in cold weather, followed by thorough watering.

Although it can be applied at any time of the year, it is suggested to make three annual applications: at the beginning of spring, in June, and in early September. For early spring growth, it is recommended to fertilize in November of the previous year.

In summary, the Lawn Fertilizer offers a complete solution to maintain a lush and healthy lawn throughout the season, with a formulation that ensures long-lasting results and simple and effective application."


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