Phosphoric soap agrobeta. 1L

Phosphoric soap adjuvant for phytosanitary treatments of plants.
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Agrobeta Phosphoric Soap - 1L

Agrobeta Phosphoric Soap is a highly concentrated NP-type fertilizer, enriched with various natural coadjuvants. Its slightly acidic pH makes it gentle on plant tissues and ideal for cleaning honeydew and stains on plants, as well as work tools.


- Highly concentrated NP-type fertilizer.

- Mild pH, non-aggressive on plant tissues.

- Helps clean honeydew and stains on plants.

- Completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

- Compatible with most phytosanitary products and commonly used foliar fertilizers.

- Contact action.

Directions for Use:

Always shake well before use. Apply by foliar spray, thoroughly wetting the plant and the undersides of the leaves. As a wetting agent for phytosanitary products, use between 1 and 2 cc per liter of final solution. For cleaning honeydew, use 10 cc of product per liter of water. Apply every 5 days, preferably during hours of lower sunlight.


- Nitrogen: 10% w/w

- Phosphorus (P2O5): 5% w/w

- Coadjuvants: 5% w/w


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