Chlorine pH - 8 kg


Granular reducer Ph of the water for swimming pools.

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Reduces the ph of the water.

Eliminates the water white cloudiness.

Increases the disinfect chlorine action.

With neutral ph, avoid skin and mocous irritations.


Use and amount:

The ph level must be between 7,2 and 7,6 in pools. For very hard water the ph levelmust be 7,2.

Add this product at the last hour of the evening, after the final swim.

Add 10gr for each m3 of water and for each tenth part of ph to be lowered to the correct level, pour on the nozzle of drive and with the water filter running.

Check the ph with a tes-kit. If the correct level has not been reached, repeat the process, modifying the amount to be added, depending on the previous result.