Viburnum lucidum

The Lucidum is well-known for its rusticity. It withstand cold, heat, sun and shadow. However, intense frosts can damage it.

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The plant Viburnum odoratissimum whose common name is Viburnum (sweet viburnum) comes from the Adoxaceae family and is native to eastern and central Asia

It is a beautiful evergreen bush that easily grows to 4 or 5 metres in size but can reach 8 or 9 metres.

This is a woody bush used mainly to form dense and perennial hedges. With this bush we can form very beautiful vegetal walls, of a brilliant and elegant green. It can also be used as an isolated bush of considerable size.

It can stand the cold well. In fact it grows well in areas with cool nights and hot days (continental climates). It can live in all types of soil, but it does not behave well in soil that is too compacted.


It is not valued mainly for its flower. However, it forms an inflorescence type flower (composed of many small flowers) that is cone shaped and white in colour. The flower also gives off a pleasant fragrance.


It is a resistant bush in conditions of little water. If we have it planted in the ground, it is a bush that once developed can resist drought very well.
To keep it in a vigorous and beautiful state we can water abundantly once a week in the hottest seasons. It is much better to accustom the plants to spaced out but abundant watering. With this practice we get the water deeper, and therefore it will stay in the soil much more because of the depth it will have reached, thus avoiding evaporation. Moreover, with this watering pattern we will encourage the deep growth of the roots.


Drastic pruning or reduction in size should be done in winter.
Throughout the year we can do maintenance pruning which will allow us to have a nice and tidy hedge.
If we want to see the flower, we should not prune just before spring and we should delay the first pruning of the year once the flowering has passed.


We can use a generic fertilizer for all types of plants. We won't use liquid fertilizers for this type of shrubs, since they have a much higher demand for nutrients than these fertilizers offer.
We will not only fertilize at the foot, but also a little further away (about 1 metre), because the roots, when the shrub has already developed, move away from the plant in a similar proportion to the aerial part of it.


It is a resistant shrub. The most typical plagues it can suffer are the aphid and the mealybug.
It can also suffer from mites. In this case, the leaves will have a silvery dotted colouring. By treating with an acaricide we can control it without any problem.

Data sheet

Viburnum lucidum
It can reach heights between 4 and 5 meters easily, although occasionally it can grow to be 8 or 9 meters tall.
Its leaves are of a bright and elegant green, characteristic of an evergreen shrub. The flowers are white.
It forms cone-shaped inflorescences composed of many small white flowers. The flowering is accompanied by a pleasant fragrance.
It adapts well to areas with cool nights and hot days, such as in continental climates. It can grow in soils of all types but prefers to avoid overly compacted soils.

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