Plumbago capensis. Blue plumbago.

Plumbago capensis is a shrub of beautiful flowers in light blue, which is also used like a climber.
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Description: Plumbago Capensis is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Plumbaginaceae family. Its main attraction lies in the sky-blue color of its flowers, although white-flowered varieties also exist, and in the abundance and duration of blooms. It is highly resilient and can withstand periods of drought, though it does not tolerate frost. It adapts well to almost any soil type but thrives in rich, well-drained substrates. It is fast-growing and requires regular pruning and cleaning to maintain its attractiveness and prevent it from becoming tangled or overgrown.

Origin: Plumbago Capensis is native to South Africa, where it grows wild in warm, sunny areas.

History: This shrub has been cultivated for centuries for its ornamental beauty and ease of maintenance. It has been widely used in gardening and landscaping in various parts of the world.

Watering: Once established, Plumbago is not very water-demanding but benefits from regular watering, especially during the summer. Providing adequate water is important for optimal development.

Pruning: Plumbago requires regular pruning to maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming unruly. Pruning for flowering and rejuvenation should preferably be done in late winter or early spring. It can be pruned in different ways depending on the desired purpose, whether as a climber, exemplary shrub in the garden or in pots, or for decorative purposes.

Care: In addition to proper pruning and watering, Plumbago benefits from periodic fertilization with fertilizers rich in NPK, iron, and magnesium, especially in spring and autumn. Well-drained substrate and exposure to sunlight are important for its health and optimal development.


Data sheet

Plumbago Capensis
South Africa
2 m
Blue flowers
Spring, summer and autumn
Moderated, keeping the ground humid but without flooding
As climber plant or shrub
Sales format
Pot of 20-22cms. Apprx. height 1.50
Can resist light dry periods
Al tratarse de planta viva y dependiendo de la temporada, la planta puede ser recibida, en algunos casos, no exactamente igual que en la fotografía, aunque sí lo más parecida posible. Sin que ello repercuta en la calidad de la misma.

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