Aucuba Japonica - Spotted laurel.

Aucuba Japónica is an evergreen plant to keep in shade, with mottled leaves, resistant and versatile.
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Aucuba Japonica or Spotted Laurel is an evergreen shrub which belongs to the garriaceaes family.
Its leaves have a rounded shape and are spotted of cream yellow colour which makes this plant to be very showy.
Tolerant to total shady places, and to short periods of drought, to polution and to salty winds.
Aucuba Japonica thrives quite well in any type of soil, as far as the drain system is a good one, although it is true that it grows much better when the earth is rich and moist, avoiding soggy ones.
We can plant Aucuba in areas where there are roots of trees.
As it has a slow growing, we hardly need to prune the plant, but in the case we need to do it we will proceed carefully in order not to deteriorate its shape.
Get rid of the wilted or broken leaves.
Regarding pests, Aucuba Japonica, can be affected by mealy bugs, which will excrete a substance where the  sooty mold   fungi will appear, leaving a layer of black dust on the leaves. It will make that the shrub does not make the photosynthesis properly and will debilitate the plant.
Keep clean the plant and get rid of those mealy bugs, either using the hose pipe with enough pressure or with a brush and soapy water, later we can apply an oily insecticide.

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Data sheet

Aucuba Japonica - Spotted laurel
China and Japan
1 to 3 m
Green leaves with yellow speckles, red flowers
Ending of winter
Shade or semishade
Its a lovely plant for using like an indoor plant as well as in tropical style gardens.
Sales format
Pot of 20cms diameter
Can't resist cold nor direct sun
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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