Lantana sellowiana. Trailing lantana.

Lantana sellowiana, repens or creeping is a perennial evergreen of great strength and very floribunda in warm areas.
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Trailing Lantana Sellowiana - Elegance 

Welcome to Viveros González, where the beauty of nature comes to life. Discover the charming Trailing Lantana Sellowiana, a botanical gem that will transform your garden. Join us as we explore the charms of this perennial plant belonging to the verbenaceae family.

Key Features:

Lantana Sellowiana, also known as Lantana Repens, is a trailing shrub with evergreen leaves that stands out for its delicate . Native to subtropical and temperate climates, this natural beauty is easy to cultivate and blooms continuously, except during periods of low temperatures.

Cultivation and Maintenance:

To keep your Lantana Sellowiana radiant, we recommend pruning it before spring, which will encourage healthy and lush growth. Once established, this plant demonstrates impressive drought resistance and can withstand brief periods of frost.

Similar Varieties:

Lantana Sellowiana resembles Lantana Camara, although it is of smaller stature, making it ideal for compact gardens and pots. If you're looking for a round and compact shrub, the "Bandana" variety is perfect and will enhance the beauty of your containers and smaller spaces.

Essential Care:

Spring Fertilization: Nourish your Lantana Sellowiana with fertilizer in spring to ensure healthy growth and lush flowering.

Pruning for a Compact Form: Perform winter pruning and, if desired, prune regularly to maintain its compact and elegant shape.

Resilience and Pests:

Despite its strength, Lantana Sellowiana can be susceptible to pests such as whiteflies and aphids. But don't worry, at Viveros González, we offer an appropriate systemic insecticide for its protection.

At Viveros González, we are committed to offering you the most beautiful and healthy plants. Our experience and expert information support the quality of every species we offer, including the lovely Trailing Lantana Sellowiana in white.

If you want to add a touch of white elegance to your garden, don't hesitate to acquire Trailing Lantana Sellowiana at Viveros González. Transform your outdoor space into a natural paradise with this wonderful plant.


Data sheet

Lantana Sellowiana
South America
50-100 cm
Pink, purple or white flowers
Spring, summer or autumn
Direct sun or semishade

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