Abelia x grandiflora C20

Abelia x Grandiflora is a good plant for medium hedges, with long-lasting white or pink flowers and beautiful glossy leaves.
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Abelia x Grandiflora or Glossy abelia is a deciduos or perennial shrub which belongs to the caprifoliaceae family.
It is the result of a cross between Abelia Chinensis and Abelia Uniflora.
It is a very good plant for medium size hedges, with white or soft pink flowers which stay for long periods of time on the shrub. Glossy pretty leaves.
Althouh it is very tough plant, here are some of the cares rich soils with good drain.
Place it in an area of direct sun or some partial shade.
Resistant to short periods of cold temperatures, however it will lose its leaves and prune will be required by the beginning of spring.
It suffers with temperatures lower than 0ºC. Cover the ground with a layer of bark.
Good for coastal areas but no front line.
Trim them after flowering for cleaning and to keep it with a pretty shape.
Pruning can be made every  three or four years to rejuvenate the plant.
Also we shall prune the plant in spring if it has been damaged by low temperatures. We can prune it quite low as it will flower in new branches.
Normally does not have much problem with pests or deseases.
Variety "Francis Mason" has white flowers and variegated leaves. Thrives better in the direct sun.
Variety "Edward Goucher" has soft pink flowers.
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Data sheet

Abelia x grandiflora
Cross between Abelia chinensis and Abelia Uniflora
Between 0.90-1.00mtr. both in width and height.
Leaves between pretty bright greens and browns and flowers between white and pink.
Approximately between May and September
The sun or partial shade, although in full sun will have more flowering.
Moderate. Important do not water over wet and make good drainage.
In groups or to perform hedges. Also as exemplary, even in mallet. Or on slopes to prevent erosion and hold the ground.
It suffers when temperatures are lower than 0 º C.
Sales format
Pot 13 cms of diameter,.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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