Aloe safari

Aloe Vera is a crasa plant, resistant to periods of sequence and with many beneficial qualities for health.
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Aloe safari is a succulent plant originating from the nurseries of Linbro Park, South Africa. It is known for its resilience and distinctive appearance, with fleshy leaves and smooth, serrated edges.


This plant was developed in the nurseries of South Africa, specifically in Linbro Park, where it was bred to adapt to various environments and climatic conditions.


Aloe safari is characterized by its fleshy leaves and smooth, serrated edges. Its orange flowers rise in spike-like clusters and remain on the plant for extended periods. Its flowering is discontinuous, with higher peaks during the autumn and winter months.


It requires exposure to full sun, although it can also tolerate partial or very light shade. It is essential to provide well-draining soil, as it does not thrive in waterlogged soils. To maintain the plant's health, it is advisable to remove wilted leaves and flowers from the base. Despite this, the flowers can remain dry on the plant for a long time.


Watering should be moderate, avoiding constant soil moisture. It is recommended to wait for the substrate to dry between waterings to prevent excess moisture, which could be detrimental to the plant.


It does not require frequent pruning, but it is advisable to remove wilted leaves and flowers to promote the plant's health and maintain its aesthetic appearance.


Aloe safari is a resilient plant that rarely suffers from diseases or pests, making it a popular choice for gardens and succulent collections. Its ability to withstand adverse conditions makes it particularly attractive to amateur and professional gardeners.


Data sheet

Aloe safari. Orange delight.
Hybrid created at the nursery Linbro Park of Southafrica.
Plant of 30cms approx. and 90cms with the flowers.
Green gredish leaves and orange flowers.
It has repeat flowering during the year but mainly in autumn to winter.
Sun or partial shade.
Moderate, without flooding. Once stablish it does not need almost water but in summer.
Good to be planted in groups or rows for a path. In cactus gardens, mediterranean style or xerogardening.
Sales format
Pots of 24 cms diametre
It does not withstand temperatures down to -5ºc for short periods. Ideal temperature
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, it plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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