Bermuda grass seeds. Cynodon dactylon. 1kg.


Bermuda grass seeds. Cynodon dactylon. 1kg

Perfect for sunny warm areas.

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Cynodon dactylum, Bermuda grass dies, or bermuda. Soft tact and agreeable aspect. It is resistant to the drought, and it is suitable for areas of warm and sunny temperatures.Site preparation:

Once removed the existing weeds on the surface that we intend to plant, we will work the land to a depth of 20-25 cm. The purpose of this work is to aerate the soil and to prepare it to be permeable.

Taking advantage of a second pass of the motocultor, which will be cross to the previous one, we will add a good fertilizer. Later we will rake the land, and we will level it up. To finish, we will pass the roll to compact the soil.


In order to evenly distribute the seed,we will plant it by broadcast, perfectly in two perpendicular passes, avoiding doing so on windy days. Then, we will rake the soil, and will pass the roll to settle it.


Be the most suitable for spray, surface moisture having to stay while the last emergence.

First cut:

When the lawn be between 8 and 10 cm in height will be the first cut. Mower blades must be perfectly sharp clean and regulated high 5cms.

For the second or third harvest be taken into account the same considerations,favouring this way the creation of a healthy and strong lawn. Later, and depending on the type of the chosen mix, the cut can be lower.


For the lawn to be in optimal conditions during long time, we can fertilize it twice a year, one in spring and another one in fall.