Ivy - Hedera Helix. C11/12


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The Hiedra or Hedera Helix is a very resistant perennial climber and very popular.

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Hedera Helix or Hiedra is an evergreen plant on the  araliaceaes family, very popular among the vines, and with many different cultivars.
It is very easy to grow, better in environments a little bit fresh and moist,  although we can even grow Ivy in areas close to the sea.
We can sow it with universal substrate, and even better if we add a bit of alkaline soil, with a good drainage to prevent the apparition of fungi.
Hedera is provided of small aerial roots to hold itself.
It supports pruning at any time of the year, which is also necessary, since its growth is quite vigorous even, once established it can become  invasive if we do not keep it under control.
We can use slow-release fertilizers, practically all year round.
Normally, Hedera is not attacked by garden pests.

Tips on the Ivy:

  • If Brown stains appear: for excess water.

  • If the foliage dries: is lack of water.

  • Fall leaves: for excess water.

  • If the plant loses its color and variegated: is due to lack of light.

  • If it loses its green colour: is due to excessive sun.

  • If the Ivy branches lengthen abnormal mind: is due to lack of light.

Name Hedera helix o Hiedra
Origen Europe
Height Climb up to 20m
Color Intense Green Leaves
Flowering It is insignificant, have form of peas
Location Semi shadow, does not want direct sun
Irrigation Moderate
Applications As a climber, upholsterer and outdoor plant
Others It resists temperatures up to-1ºC
Sales format Pot 11/12cm
Note Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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