Wisteria Sinensis.

Wisteria sinensis or wisteria is a climber that at the beginning of spring is dressed in spectacular clusters of mauve, pink or white flowers.
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Wisteria sinensis - The Enchanting Climber


Wisteria sinensis, commonly known as Chinese Wisteria or Wisteria sinensis, is a deciduous and remarkably robust climber belonging to the Fabaceae family. Its main allure lies in its fragrant, drooping clusters of flowers, making it a captivating focal point. The older trunks often develop a twisted form, adding to its aesthetic value.

Origin and History:

Originally from China, Wisteria sinensis has a rich cultural history, celebrated for its striking blooms. It has gained popularity worldwide as a stunning ornamental climber.


- Fertilization: Feeding with specialized vine fertilizers from the appearance of flower buds until the plant is well-flowered is advisable.

- Pruning: Winter pruning, after leaf drop, involves removing damaged or weaker branches and shaping the plant. Summer pruning helps control its vigorous growth by cutting back excessive growth.

- Longevity: Wisteria sinensis is exceptionally long-lived, although it may occasionally face garden pests or fungal issues, treatable with appropriate products once identified.

- Iron Deficiency: Address iron deficiency (chlorosis) by applying iron chelate when the plant shows signs of yellowing.

Climate and Growth:

Chinese Wisteria thrives in warm climates, displaying vibrant green leaves during the summer. Sturdy support structures are crucial as its trunks grow substantial and robust over time.


- "W.S. Longissima" (purple flowers)

- "W.S. Longissima alba" (white flowers)

In summary, Wisteria sinensis is a captivating and enduring climber, adored for its cascading, aromatic blooms. Care involves timely fertilization, seasonal pruning, and vigilance against potential pests and deficiencies. Providing strong support structures is essential as the plant matures. Its stunning appearance and rich history make it a cherished addition to gardens worldwide.



Data sheet

Wisteria Sinensis (China). Wisteria Floribunda (Japan)
Up to 15m
Violet and White
Keep the soil moist, mainly during the warmer season. And water abundantely and deeply at least once a week.
It is a climber used to decorate pergolas, gratings....
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Aprox min. temperature: -9ºC.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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