Wisteria Sinensis. C22

Wisteria sinensis or wisteria is a climber that at the beginning of spring is dressed in spectacular clusters of mauve, pink or white flowers.
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Wisteria Sinensis is a very vigorous long-lived deciduos plant, on the fabeaceas family.
Its biggest attraction resides in its hanging and fragrant flowers, which fall down in the shape of bunches, managing to be the center of all the looks.
Also its older and twisted shape stems give the plant an extra value.
It is convenient to add fertilizer for climbing plants from the moment that its flowers are marked until they are already well flowered.
Can be used in coastal areas too.
We will prune Wisteria Sinensis during the winter, when it has lost all its leaves, removing the damaged or weaker branches and giving it the form that we wish, and also in Summer, by cutting those branches that have grown too much, this way we will control its rapid and vigorous growth.
In Summer the plant remains covered with its green leaves.
As this is a very long lived plant, in any moment of its life it could be affected by any garden pests or disease, which can be exterminated once the problem had been detected with the correct product.
Another of the problems Wisteria can have is the lack of iron, which can be easily solved out with the application of iron chelates in the moment that we notice our plant is getting yellow.
Very important question is the holder for supporting the weight of our plant, as its trunks will be twisted and very strong, it means that we need to provide it with a strong holder.

Some of the cultivars are:

"W.S.longissima (purple flowers)

"W.S. longissima alba( white flowers)

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:




Data sheet

Wisteria Sinensis (China). Wisteria Floribunda (Japan)
Up to 15m
Violet and White
Keep the soil moist, mainly during the warmer season. And water abundantely and deeply at least once a week.
It is a climber used to decorate pergolas, gratings....
Sales format
Aprox min. temperature: -9ºC.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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