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Ipomea alba


Ipomea, also known as morning glory or bluebells, is easy to look after and ideal for trellises, railings and railings.

Its flowers close at dusk.

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Description, History, Origin, and Curiosity:

Ipomea, commonly known as Morning Glory or Bindweed, is an annual, perennial leafy climber belonging to the Convolvulaceae family. It's characterized by rapid growth, making it an ideal addition to terraces or gardens. Originating from tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, this plant has captivated gardeners worldwide for centuries with its stunning, fast-flowering nature.

Its common name, "Morning Glory," stems from the way its flowers unfurl at dawn, displaying a range of colors from soft hues to vibrant shades. Notably, its resilience to drought makes it a preferred choice for low-maintenance yet visually striking landscapes.

Watering and Care:

Thriving in fertile, well-draining soil, Ipomea requires regular watering, especially during warmer months. However, it's crucial not to overwater, given its drought-resistant nature. Fertilizing during spring and summer promotes healthy growth and vibrant blossoms. Shielding it from strong winds in exposed areas is essential to prevent damage to its delicate leaves and flowers.

Sunlight Requirement:

Ipomea thrives when exposed to ample sunlight, making it essential to place it in sunlit areas for optimal growth.


Due to its rapid growth, regular pruning is necessary throughout the year. Pruning helps manage its development and maintains the desired shape, encouraging robust growth and abundant blossoming.

This charming climber, with its dazzling summer-to-fall bloom, serves as a perfect enhancement for terraces and gardens. At Viveros Gonzalez, we offer the opportunity to bring life to your spaces with this beautiful and resilient Ipomea. We provide specialized guidance and care to ensure your garden flourishes with charm and color.


Data sheet

Ipomea alba
Up to 4m high and 4m wide
White, purple, violet and pink
Summer to autumn
As a climbing plant on balconies, railings, trellises...
As it is a live plant and depending on the season, the plant may be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photograph, but as close as possible. This does not affect the quality of the plant.

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