Jasminum officinale - summer jasmine. C17

The Jasminum officinale or Jasmine of summer or Jasmine Real is the most popular among the jasmine, with white flower and sweet essence.
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Viveros Gonzalez: Where the Aromas of Royal Jasmine Flourish!


Jasminum Officinale, commonly known as Royal Jasmine, is a climbing plant with highly fragrant flowers and evergreen leaves, belonging to the Oleaceae family. At Viveros Gonzalez, we celebrate the beauty and versatility of this vine, perfect for adorning pergolas, walls, trellises, and even trained as a bush.

History and Origin:

The Royal Jasmine has enchanted ancient cultures for centuries, its origins tracing back to the Middle East and the Himalayan region. Revered for its intoxicating fragrance and used in perfumery and religious ceremonies, it has transcended time and cultures as a symbol of grace and elegance.


Did you know that Royal Jasmine has inspired numerous artists and poets? Its white or slightly yellowish flowers evoke romantic sensations and have been immortalized in artworks and literature.

Care and Pruning:

At Viveros Gonzalez, we understand that proper care is crucial to maintain the lushness of Royal Jasmine. We recommend thorough pruning in winter to encourage robust growth and abundant flowering from spring through the following winter. Its vigorous growth reminds us of the importance of regular pruning to prevent tangling.

Royal Jasmine thrives in well-fertilized soil with good drainage. It flourishes best when placed in partially shaded areas, allowing it to showcase its full splendor.

Pest Prevention and Care:

While Royal Jasmine is generally resilient to diseases, it can be susceptible to attacks from aphids, red spiders, whiteflies, and cottony pests. At Viveros Gonzalez, we offer tailored solutions and insecticides to protect this precious plant and maintain its radiant and healthy appearance.

At Viveros Gonzalez, we take pride in providing expert advice and personalized care to ensure your Royal Jasmine blossoms in all its glory. Come and discover the charm and fragrance of Royal Jasmine at our nursery!


Data sheet

Jasminum officinale o Jazmín de verano
Up to 2.50m height
White flowers
From spring to autumn
The sun or semishade
Como arbusto y trepadora para pergolas muros...
Sales format
Pot of 18/20cms for trellis
It resists up to -5ºC
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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