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Salvia greggii. Autumn sage.


Salvia greggii is a hardy, long-flowering perennial native to Southwest Texas and Mexico. It's ideal for gardens due to its easy care and ability to attract pollinators with its colorful flowers. It requires minimal watering once established and benefits from regular pruning to maintain its shape and encourage more blooms.

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Description of Salvia greggii:

Salvia greggii, commonly known as autumn sage or Gregg's sage, is a perennial plant native to Southwest Texas and Mexico. It is highly valued for its long flowering season and drought resistance. The plant typically reaches a height and width of about 50 cm to 1 meter, featuring small, aromatic, intense green leaves. The flowers, blooming from spring through fall, vary in color from red, pink, white to purple, attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Origin and History:

Salvia greggii is named after Josiah Gregg, an American naturalist who explored the Southwest United States and Mexico in the 19th century. Its resilience and adaptability have made it a favorite in gardens worldwide, particularly in regions with climates similar to its natural habitat.

General Care:

Salvia greggii is relatively easy to care for due to its adaptability. It prefers sunny locations but can tolerate some shade. It thrives best in well-drained soil and can prosper in a variety of soil types, from sandy to clay.


This sage is highly drought-tolerant once established, so watering can be reduced. During the growing season, moderate watering is sufficient, ensuring the soil dries out between watering sessions to avoid moisture excess. In colder climates or during wet winters, reduce watering to minimize the risk of root rot.


Pruning is essential to maintain a compact shape and encourage abundant flowering. It is advisable to prune lightly after each blooming cycle to remove faded flowers and promote new growth. A more substantial pruning can be done at the start of spring to remove any dead or damaged growth and to shape the plant.


Data sheet

Salvia greggii
Native to Southwest Texas and Mexico.
Reaches between 50 cm to 1 meter in height and width.
Flowers vary in colors such as red, pink, white, and purple.
Blooms from spring through fall.
Prefers sunny spots but can tolerate some shade.
Requires minimal watering once established, ensuring the soil dries out between waterings.
Ideal for gardens due to its long blooming period and ability to attract pollinators. Also used in xeriscaping and as an ornamental plant in pots.

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