Chamaerops humilis

Chamaerops humilis is a palm tree highly resistant nature of the Mediterranean coastline. It is very slow growing, and eventually come to be exemplary wonderful.
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Chamaerops humilis, is a palm tree belonging to the family of the arecaceaes

In gardening it is frecuently used  due to its hight resistance to the lack of water, sea areas and winds, in spite that it's also a very attractive palm.

Its leaves are fan-shaped, they are strong and shiny and their stalks are covered of skewers.

The thruks or trunks are covered with fiber.

It doesn't need special soils, the important thing is that it has good drainage, and a sunny or partial shade exposure.

It is not a much demanding plant for fertilizer, although we can use special one for palms to give it a much healthier looking.

Chamaerops humilis is slow growing, however over the time it develops tall and sturdy logs that lead to truly attractive plants.

There are varieties such as the

"Glaucescens" which leaves are more blue, and another one is the
"gracilis", which has only one main trunk.
"Cerifera" with leaves of a silver blue colour.
"Vulcan" a more compact and less stylized, variete seems to have been discovered in Sicily.

Consultued sources in addition to our experience with this plant:


Data sheet

Chamaerops humilis. European fan palm. Cycad.
All the mediterranean litoral.
In its habita it can grow up to even 4.00mtrs.
Green. And depending on varieties leaves can be of different tonalities.
Yellow clusters are made at the base of the stems. Laters in autumn it will have mature drupes.
Sun or semi-shade
Moderate, without waterlogging.
This palm tree is frequently used due to resistance to lack of irrigation, wind and sea areas.
Resistant to frost up to -12ºC.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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