Cuphea ignea - Tabacco flower.


This is a small shrub which can keep it leaves during the whole year in warm climates.

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Brief History:

Cuphea ignea, commonly known as "Cigar Plant," is a charming perennial shrub with its roots in Mexico. Belonging to the Lythraceae family, it has captivated gardeners worldwide due to the unique beauty of its flowers.


What truly stands out about this plant is undoubtedly the appearance of its flowers. Tubular in shape, the petals showcase a vibrant red color that gradually transitions to white or purple at the tips, giving it the striking resemblance to a lit cigar. This colorful display makes it a highly attractive ornamental plant for any garden.

The shrub typically grows to a height of 25 to 50 centimeters, making it ideal for small gardens or pots. However, it's important to note that due to its Mexican origin, it is sensitive to cold temperatures.

Care - Watering and Fertilizing:

Caring for Cuphea ignea is relatively straightforward. It requires moderate watering, avoiding waterlogging of the soil. It is not particular about soil quality, but enriching the soil with organic matter each spring can benefit its growth. Placing it in full sun or partial shade is ideal for healthy development.

Adaptation to Cold and Heat:

Because of its Mexican origin, Cuphea ignea does not tolerate cold well. In areas with cold winters, it is recommended to protect the base of the plant with pine bark or similar materials to shield it from extreme cold. In warmer climates, it will thrive without issues.

Furthermore, a light pruning in late winter or early spring, above the new shoots, will help maintain a more compact and healthy shrub.

In summary, Cuphea ignea is a charming and eye-catching garden plant with unique flowers that will add a touch of color and vitality to your outdoor space. With proper care, this perennial plant will bring joy to your garden for many seasons without worries of pests or diseases. Add a touch of Mexico to your garden with the beautiful Cuphea ignea!


Data sheet

Cuphea Ignea
25-50 cm
Red flowers with white or purple edges
Ornamental plant
Sales format
It cannot withstand cold
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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