Parsley - Petroselinum crispum

Parsley is a culinary widely used in universal cuisine for its flavor, also having beneficial health properties.
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Parsley or Petroselinum crispun is a herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae. It has its origin in the Mediterranean.

This herb is used in the universal gastronomy. It also has beneficial properties for the health.

Sowing time:

In warm climates: from February to June and/or from September to November.

In cold climates:   from  March to June and/or from September to October. 

Warm and temperate zones are the most suitable for planting this herb. We must sow it in a sunny possition or in semi shade, keeping the soil moist. Its optimum environmental temperature is between 15ºc to 35ºc.

Parsley needs moist and well drained soil, and abundant organic matter.

The distance between plants, should be about 30cm. and 50cms  between the rows.

If we want to have a bushier plant we should cut the stems with flowers.

There are two varieties: the flattened leaves one, with a more intense flavor, and the curly leaves.

This herb does not present major problems in terms of pests, and can be attacked by the carrot fly or aphids.


Data sheet

Petroselinum crispum. Parsley
Mediterranean area
Green leaves, white or green leaves
Normally during summer
Light sun or partial shade.
Frequently but not overwatering
Parsley is one of the most popular culinary plants.
Sales format
Pot 13cm
Can resist cold weather, although is better to protect.
As it is a live plant and depending on the season, the plant may be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photograph, but as close as possible. This does not affect the quality of the plant.

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