Camellia Japonica.


Camellia japonica is a shrub with flowers similar to roses that blooms from late autumn to almost summer.

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Camellia japonica, commonly known as Camellia, is an evergreen shrub from the tea family, Theaceae, and can be cultivated as a bush or small tree.

History and Origin: Native to East Asia, Camellia has been revered for centuries for its ornamental beauty and symbolic significance in Asian culture. Introduced to Europe in the 18th century, it has since been a favorite in gardening due to its exquisite flowering.

Description: This shrub is sensitive to temperature and location changes. It requires acidic soil and protection from direct sunlight. Yellowing leaves might indicate soil acidity deficiency, while continuous flower drop could signal excessive watering. Bud drop before opening may result from inadequate fertilization or temperature fluctuations. Excessive sun exposure can cause leaf burns or flower spots.

Watering and Care: It's crucial to provide specialized fertilizer for acid-loving plants to correct soil acidity loss. Infestations from pests like aphids, red spider mites, or scale insects may affect it, and fungal infections might arise due to moisture and inadequate leaf ventilation. Fungicidal treatments might be necessary after resolving these issues.

Pruning: Due to its slow growth, only damaged or weaker branches should be pruned. Training pruning is best done post-flowering to avoid interfering with future blooms.

Climate: Camellia thrives in moderate climates and prefers mild temperatures. It's sensitive to sudden temperature changes and direct sunlight, thus preferring a cooler, partially shaded environment.

Camellia japonica offers an extensive range of varieties and colors, appreciated for its unique beauty, and requires specific care for its optimal health and development in the garden.


Data sheet

Camellia Japonica o camelia
Eastern Asia
From 4 to 12 metres high
White, pinks, reds, bicolours, violets.
Partial shade or shady areas where the sun is too strong.
Moderate although in summer increase quantity.
As an unique specimen, in groups, for beautiful hedges or like a tree.
It does not resist low temperatures to-5ºC
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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