Basil.Ocimum basilicum.

Basil, one of the delights more well-known and used. Its aroma and flavor enhance any dish. Easy to grow, provided that do not coldconocida y apreciada en todo el mundo.

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Basil, a prized culinary plant, is grown annually and belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Its history dates back to ancient India, where it was considered a sacred herb. It spread through Asia, Africa and finally reached Europe in the Middle Ages, where it became an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine.

Description: Basil is a plant with bright green, fragrant leaves that adds a unique aroma and flavor to your favorite dishes. Its leaves are oval and toothed, and in summer it produces small white or purple flowers that are also edible.

Care - Watering and Fertilizing: Basil loves sun and thrives with at least several hours of light a day. However, it is sensitive to cold, so it is essential to grow it in a warm climate. To care for it, be sure to place it in a sunny spot and water it regularly, avoiding waterlogging the substrate. A trick is to use a base with pebbles to maintain an adequate level of humidity in the environment.

To favor its luxuriance, you can pinch its stems. Also, to prolong its life, use a special fertilizer designed for culinary plants. This will ensure that your basil is always full of flavor.

Adaptation to cold and heat: Basil is a plant that rejects cold. Therefore, care should be taken not to expose it to low temperatures or frost, which can severely damage it. It prefers warm climates and does best in temperate conditions.

Protection against pests: Basil is susceptible to pests such as small green worms that camouflage themselves among its leaves and produce holes. To protect it, regularly inspect and manually remove these intruders. You can also use natural or biological insecticides to keep pests at bay.

Once the plant has flowered, it is advisable to replace it or wait for new seedlings to grow from its seeds.

Basil is a gem in the kitchen, and growing it at home will provide you with a fresh and delicious supply of this aromatic herb. Add a touch of Mediterranean flavor to your meals with your own basil grown with care and love!


Data sheet

Basil. Basilicum. Ocimum basilicum.
Tropical areas of Asia, and from Pakistan, Iran and India.
When it is cultivated the height is around 30cms, but in its natural habitat it can grow much more.
On the market green and purple leaves colour can be found.
Basil is cultivated as a seasonal plant. When the flower start to sprount cut it back to provoke new leaves coming.
Partial shade or some hours of sun during the day.
It needs enough water, but do not overwater, just when the soil is dried.
For cooking. Also is widely used for keeping moskitos away due to its intense scent.
It does not thrive with low temperatures.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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