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The Begonia Elatior is an indoor plant with colorful, long-lasting flowers.

The Begonia Elatior is a hybrid begonia of the prettiest which is cultivated as a houseplant.
It is a herbaceous, which belongs to the family of the Begoniaceas.
With a few simple care we can have flowers for a long time inside.
A substrate rich and loose to allow to drain well.
We will water trying to this substrate ever to dry out completely, but there is flooding.
Must avoid to wet the leaves and flowers, and the substrate to retain water for too long, we could cause the appearance of oidio (white spots) in leaves and trunk.
We can pay for them every 15 days during spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer .
It requires subject with a few small tutors so that not tipping its branches with the weight of their flowers.
If we're going by removing parts you wilted from our Begonia Elatior both leaves, and flowers, and also those stems that are weak or broken, we will encourage the development of new leaves and inflorescences.
It is advisable to prune after bloom and before transplanting it.


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Name Begonia elatior o Begonia x hiemalis.
Origen Brasil.
Height 30 a 40 cm.
Color Yellow, White, Pink, Red, Orange
Flowering Spring Summer
Location Shadow, but inside the home need light but not direct sun.
Irrigation Moderated, without flooding.
Applications It is used for interior and terraces.
Others Its right temperature would be between 15 and 18ºC.
Sales format Flowerpot from 13 to 15cm
Note Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.