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Phalaenopsis is the most popular of the cultivated orchids and very easy to care for.

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The Phalaenopsis  u Orquideabelongs to the family of the orchidaceaes and comprises a genre of a 60 species. It isthe easiest orchid  to cultivate and every year brings new hybrids.

Needs a warm temperature and very bright light, also humidity in the atmosphere, so it is important to spray with water the aerial roots and the leaves with regularity.
When the flowers wither we can act of two different ways:
1.- If the plant is not very healthy: cut its stems from below, it is very probably that new leaves will develop before new flowering appears.
2.- If the plant is healthy and vigorous we can  leave two or three buds to return the sprout from there.
Phalaenopsis can suffer from the same pests than other plants, so it is best to keep observing it to prevent infections, by cleaning the plant frequently and adding special fertilizer for orquids. 
It may also happen that the leaves get yellow and fall down, that is due to an excess of irrigation, in that case we must avoid leaving the residual water in the dish.
If flowers fall down before opening it might be due to a abrupt change of temperature, or to a lack of hydration.

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:

Name Phalaenopsis - Orchid
Origen Southern Asia
Height Up to 60 cm
Color White, red, pink and yellow flowers
Flowering Winter-spring
Location Half sun
Irrigation Moderated
Applications Pot of 12cms diameter
Others Can't resist cold
Note Al tratarse de planta viva y dependiendo de la temporada, la planta puede ser recibida, en algunos casos, no exactamente igual que en la fotografía, aunque sí lo más parecida posible. Sin que ello repercuta en la calidad de la misma.

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