Azalea Indica or Japonica


The Azalea is a shrub with a intense floration from autumn to spring.

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Azalea Indica, also known as Azalea Japonica, is a stunning evergreen shrub that comes from hybrids developed from the "Rhododendrons". Over the years, it has captivated gardening enthusiasts around the world with its spectacular beauty and lush blooms.

Description: The azalea is a garden treasure that provides a visual spectacle from fall through the arrival of high temperatures. Its flowers, in a wide range of colors including shades of pinks, reds, whites and purples, add a vibrant touch to any outdoor space. This shrub is characterized by its slow growth and evergreen foliage, which means you can enjoy its beauty year-round.

Care - Watering and fertilizing: For your Azalea to bloom at its best, proper care is essential. Outdoors, be sure to plant it in rich, acidic soil with excellent drainage. Also, seek partial shade to protect it from direct sunlight.

Watering is a key aspect of azalea care. Its shallow roots require keeping the substrate moist, but avoid waterlogging, as this can cause the leaves to turn brown. It is essential to maintain a balance, avoid over or under watering.

As for fertilizer, azaleas grown outdoors benefit from annual or biannual fertilization with organic fertilizers or substrates designed for acidophilic plants. For those grown indoors, use liquid fertilizers specifically for acidophilic plants.

Adaptation to cold and heat: The azalea adapts to various climatic conditions, but needs special care in winter. Avoid exposing it to frost, which can damage its delicate buds and flowers. To protect it from the cold, consider sheltering it in a sheltered spot or using suitable covers when temperatures drop considerably.

In summary, azaleas are a wonderful choice to beautify your garden or interior. With proper care, you will enjoy their lush beauty all season long. Don't forget to clean or prune them right after flowering to keep them healthy and balanced.

At Gonzalez Nurseries, we have the most beautiful Azaleas waiting for you to create an oasis of color in your outdoor space or home!


Data sheet

Azalea Japónica- Azalea indica.
1 to 2 m of height.
Rosa, Red, White.
Abundant in summer, without flooding.
For flowerpots, in a very illuminated place.
Sales format
It resists them even-3ºC.
Being the produc alive plant and depending on the season, the plant can be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting the quality of the same.

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