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The Azalea is a shrub with a intense floration from autumn to spring.

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Azalea Indica or Japanese Azalea, is an evergreen shrub which is an hybrid developed from the "Rhododendrons".
Depending on variety or cultivars we can enjoy the flowers from autumn to the summer.
Azalea has a slow growth and does better when planted in a partial shade area, as for example underneath a pine tree, but we have to add a good layer of compost and mulch to provide it with organic matter and to keep moist for longer.
As Azala has a shallow root system needs to be kept moisted, at least until its roots are well based, then we can watering space.
Plant it with compost for acidophilic plants and cover this soil with some mulch, try to water with rain water and feed with special acidophilic plants fertilizer.
We can prune Azaleas to remove dead branches, encourage a bushier growth, promote more flowers or to maintain size or shape. Do it always after the blooming is over, and only slightly.
Be careful not to overwater to avoid fungus attacks but do not let the substrate to dry as this will result in the fall of the buds.
Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:
Name Azalea Japónica- Azalea indica.
Origen China.
Height 1 to 2 m of height.
Color Rosa, Red, White.
Flowering Spring
Location Shade
Irrigation Abundant in summer, without flooding.
Applications For flowerpots, in a very illuminated place.
Others It resists them even-3ºC.
Sales format Pot 13cm diámetro
Note Being the produc alive plant and depending on the season, the plant can be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting the quality of the same.