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Lychee, (Litchi chinensis), also spelled litchi or lychee, an evergreen tree of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), cultivated for its edible fruit.

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Gonzalez Nurseries welcomes you to explore the enchanting world of Litchi (Litchi chinensis), also spelled as lychee or lichi. This evergreen tree, belonging to the soapberry family (Sapindaceae), is cultivated for its delectable edible fruit.


Native to Southeast Asia, Litchi has been the favorite fruit of the Cantonese people since ancient times. The fruit is typically consumed fresh but can also be canned or dried. The taste of the fresh pulp is aromatic and musky, while the dried pulp is tangy and intensely sweet.

Cultivation and Spread:

Litchi holds local significance across much of Southeast Asia and is commercially cultivated in China and India. Its introduction to the Western world occurred when it arrived in Jamaica in 1775. The first lychee fruits in Florida, where the tree has gained commercial importance, reportedly ripened in 1916. To a lesser extent, the tree has been cultivated in the Mediterranean, South Africa, and Hawaii.


Litchi develops a compact crown of bright green foliage throughout the year. The leaves are compound, consisting of two or four pairs of elliptical or lanceolate leaflets, measuring 50 to 75 mm in length. The flowers, small and inconspicuous, grow in loose and diverse terminal clusters or panicles, sometimes reaching lengths of up to 30 cm. The fruits range from oval to round, with a strawberry-red color and a diameter of about 25 mm. The brittle outer covering encloses a translucent white fleshy aril and a large seed.

Propagation and Care:

The tree is propagated by seed and air layering, a process in which a branch produces roots while still attached to the parent plant. When transplanted to a permanent orchard, lychee plants are spaced 7.5-10.5 meters apart. They require minimal pruning and no unusual attention, although ample moisture around the roots is essential most of the time. Trees typically begin fruit production between three and five years of age.

Explore the allure of Litchi at Gonzalez Nurseries, where we celebrate the rich heritage and delightful flavors of this beloved fruit tree.


Data sheet

Lychee, (Litchi chinensis)
Puede alcanzar los 10 mtrs de altura
Hojas verde y más claras cuando son jóvenes. Corteza grisácea.
No importante
Sol o media sombra
De moderado a poco.
Para el cultivo de sus frutos. También como árbol ornamental o para sombra en verano.
No es un árbol para zonas de heladas prolongadas.

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