Gazania Green. African daisy.

The Gazania is a carpet or covers floors, which is covered with colorful flowers similar to daisies. Very used in warm clímas and close to the sea.
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Gazanias: Your Vibrant Touch of Garden Color

Gazanias, herbaceous plants from the Asteraceae family, bring forth an explosion of intense colors that beautifully adorn any garden. Available in two main varieties, Gazania x Hybrida and Gazania Rigens, these plants offer versatile options as both annuals and perennials, providing a wide array of possibilities for your outdoor space.

Gazania x Hybrida (Annual)

This variant, known for its lush growth of approximately 25 cm in height and width, stands out with its striking flowers in vivid colors: ranging from pinks and oranges to beautiful multicolor stripes. The flowers rise above the green foliage, creating a visual spectacle from spring until mid-summer. It's a charming choice for those seeking an ephemeral yet impressive burst of color in their garden.

Cultivation and Care for Gazania x Hybrida

This variety is primarily cultivated from seeds and blooms for a single season. It requires good drainage and doesn't demand nutrient-rich soil but thrives in a sunny environment to prolong its blooming period. Deadheading the spent flowers aids in extending its flowering duration.

Gazania Rigens (Perennial)

On the other hand, Gazania Rigens offers perennial charm with a similar size of 25 cm tall but expanding up to 70 cm wide. Its smaller flowers, compared to the hybrid variety, display yellow, orange, or cream hues, remaining almost level with the grayish-green foliage. This variant is more frost-resistant and can survive in cooler conditions, rejuvenating after winter through light pruning and taking cuttings during summer and fall.

Caring and Maintenance of Gazania

Both Gazania variants are resilient to warm climates and tolerate high temperatures, even thriving in coastal areas with some salinity. Overwatering and waterlogged soil can adversely affect their growth, so good drainage is essential. Additionally, Gazanias tend to close their flowers in the absence of sunlight, and pruning them after winter helps maintain their shape and vitality.

Invite a vibrant, colorful touch to your garden with the various options Gazanias offer! Perfect as ground covers, these plants add a natural charm with their resilience and ability to brighten any outdoor space.

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this plant:

"El jardín Mediterráneo" de Hugo Latymer


Data sheet

Gazania hybrida.
South Africa
Its leaves are usually gray or green flowers of varied colors but the most common are orange and yellow.
Spring – Summer.
From moderate to little.
As plant coverings, edges, seedlings, for roads etc.
Sales format
Pot 13cm diameter
It supports high temperatures.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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