Siapton special liquid fertiliser 1L


Bioactivator that improves the biological efficiency of crops, increasing yield and crop quality.

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Suitable for all types of crops such as citrus, fruit and banana trees, olive trees, vines and vineyards, strawberries and horticultural crops in general, cereals, sugar beet, ornamental and industrial fodder.

It can be used in the phases of greatest growth and also in nurseries and young plantations and in damaged or excessive crops, phytotoxicity of various origins, pests, diseases, or drought, etc.

Due to its great translaminar and adherent power, it improves the action of pesticides and herbicides via foliar application.

It is especially recommended in joint applications with Vanguard, Greental or Pantafer via the soil.

Dosage and mode of use:

The number of applications will depend on the crop treated, although the most important applications can be considered to be at the beginning and after flowering and in the phases of greatest vegetative activity (fruit set, ripening, etc.).

Foliar application:

200 - 300cc/100 L of water (2-3 L/Ha). After frost and on damaged crops apply 400 - 500cc/100 L of water (4-5 L/Ha).

Soil applications:

It can be applied by means of the localised irrigation system, dissolved in the fertiliser doser, or with blanket irrigation, dosing it properly to obtain a uniform distribution over the entire surface. Make a minimum of 4 applications throughout the cycle, at a rate of 3-4 L/Ha. in each application, totalling 15 L/Ha.


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