Osmocote abono universal 750gr


Osmocote universal fertilizer, should be applied once a month every 6 months, in a secure payment that limits the risk of burns to the roots. It is granulated and easy to apply.

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Oscomote universal fertilizer, is ready to use presented in the form of granules covered by a protective resin. The resin prevents direct contact of the fertilizer with the roots.

The nutritional elements of Osmacote are released when in contact with soil moisture. The higher the temperature of the soil, the greater the release of the fertilizer. So the growth of your plants is optimal.

How to use:

When planting, mix the fertilizer with the soil and place the plant.

Fill, press and water abundantly.

In maintenance spread the granules around the plant. Bury slightly and water.

Employment advice:

For a better result, apply Osmocote in early spring. Water regularly depending on the needs of the plant. Keep the container closed in a dry and cool place to preserve the quality of the product.


Plants in soil - vegetables, ornamental 75gr per meter.


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